About Us

Over the last 12 years, this is what we've become most well known for -

1. We build a real 'Unique Selling Proposition' for you
We developed the USP DerivationTM process and have even presented and written on it.

2. We teach you what we know
We're the only company we know who, right up front, intend to gradually develop and divest to you the systems and tools we've developed with you and for you.

3. No surprises
We always estimate activity ahead. There are no hidden ‘black boxes' behind which we hide an absence of work.

Here's a little about our team...

Our Director, Stephen Johnson
Our Consulting Team
Our Creative Team

About Consulting

"Time Is Our Stock". Once we've spent it, we don't have it any more. So we need to invoice for all time spent on you, our valued client. This includes travel time.  For this reason, and for better access to our team, we may not always ne at your office. This works to everyone's advantage.

Apologies: 3 Kinds of Business We Cannot Serve

There are just three kinds of business we choose not to serve...

Arms: We cannot provide services to those selling arms or services that may be similar in nature.  The principal we adopt is that killing is wrong and should not be aided.   For example, a request for help from a safari-hunt tourism product had to be refused.

Politics: We cannot provide assistance to political parties or politicians.  The principal we adopt is that we cannot work for them without then dissociating ourselves from others and attaching ourselves to policies and actions of someone.

Sex: While we can assist those selling products to adults, we cannot provide assistance to those selling sexual services including escort services, strip services and entertainment services.  The principal we adopt is that the selling of sexual services risks harm to people.

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