Stephen Johnson


Before co-founding Strategy and Action, Stephen worked as Marketing Manager, Call Centre Manager, Sales Manager, and Copywriter.

He has marketed products and services across the board including business brokering, packaging goods, industrial paints, commercial services, resdential building, software, professional advice, environmental products, coaching services and more.

Stephen has presented and been published on advertising effectiveness, USP Derivation, marketing strategy and marketing considerations for start-up companies.

Stephen writes the 'Strategy' column in Australian Business Solutions magazine available in most news agencies in Australia.

His major strengths are in strategy, positioning and identifying and exploiting hidden opportunities.

“Stephen and I worked together under the auspices of Strategy and Action to offer a comprehensive advantage to businesses that applied our Company Customer Alignment programme. I can attest to his thorough professionalism.”

Bob Ansett

We would not have achieved the outstanding success we have enjoyed if we’d kept working as we had without your assistance, and I commend you to other companies unreservedly”

Paul Lee
FM Solutons, 13th place in BRW Fast 100