Print Advertising

It's not uncommon for us to change an ad and get four times the response of the old ad.

The advertising makeover we conduct for you is powerful. We don't just make it look better. We start at the core message and the strategy and then develop all the writing and design around a better concept.

The steps we take...

  1. We learn about your product or service and find out what makes it different
  2. Some quick interviews of existing and failed customers gives us a market awareness
  3. We also look at your competitors, what they're saying in their ads and where they are positioned in the market
  4. Then we develop a stronger message
  5. We develop the ad concept: what it will look like and say?
  6. And we write and design the ad

Can We Help Improve Your Ad?

Chances are we can...

We've helped $13 billion company Henkel (makers of Loctite) and Mayne Health (previous owners of Golden Glow) but also companies as small as a sole operator hairdresser and a private investigations company.

We've dramatically improved results, sometimes multiplying responses by as much as 600% from no change in that company's ongoing advertising spend.

It doesn't matter what industry you're in.  Good advertising requires certain principles to be understood and executed in the advertising.

We understand those principles.  In fact we analysed 1,300 advertisements and published a report on the results that was featured in Manufacturer's Monthly and Business Acumen.

11 Principles Your Ad Should Adhere To If You Want The Best Results...

  1. Synchronise reader-gravity with involvement-gravity
  2. Have a powerful headline
  3. Avoid reducing benefits down to words like ‘solution'
  4. Employ reader-friendly typographics
  5. Get to the point, quickly
  6. Deliver enough substance to sell
  7. Address "you" the reader
  8. Translate features into benefits
  9. Ensure claims are not vague but specific
  10. Tell the reader what to do next
  11. Have a unique selling proposition

When we analysed those 1,300 ads, we were astonished...

Fail! Less than 1% one of the ads passed all 11 principles
Fail! 93% failed more than half the principles
Fail! Less than 2% adhered to the most critical principle (a good headline).

So chances are your ad could be adjusted quite easily to gain more responses and therefore more sales... without actually spending more on your advertising!


Some Of The Other Industries We've Helped Through Advertising Makeovers...

 - Private Investigations
 - Carpet Cleaning
 - Hair Removal
 - Law
 - Business Software
 - Industrial Equipment
 - Packaging Supplies
 - Safety Equipment
 - Sports Equipment
 - Real Estate

To give your ads a makeover, contact us today. 

Advertising makeover for Henkel Australia. Henkel owns the Loctite brand. We created a strategy around case studies to demonstrate the tangible benefits of Loctite.

This ad for DJ Builders emphasises the knowledge they have. It's achieved a dramatic increase in response over their previous ads.

This ad for Golden Glow successfully positioned them as experts in their field and not merely another supplier of vitamins and health products