Marketing It All: Lifestyle, Health and Care

We've helped companies grow in just about every sector.  Here's a small selection of clients we've worked with in Health and Aged Care

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Marketing aged care facilities is a complex mix of ticking three different boxes...


You must promote lifestyle, because this is what’s enjoyed.  The clients of facilities, both the direct customers and their families, expect far more than a palliative approach to their service.

Clients want to see examples of lifestyle and proof through visuals and accounts.


At the same time, you’re selling to any given extent a provision of health care services.  The clients, again both customers and their families, want to see evidence of safety and compliance.

With facilities varying in their depth of health provision, that ticking of the safety box nonetheless is critical to appeasing one of the decision-making criteria at play.


This may sound like it’s been met by either of the above, but it’s a very separate box needing to be ticked.  Sure, an aged care facility must provide adequate care.

But the plain-English meaning of the word, actually loving and caring for the work, the customers, the staff and the dignity inherent in aged care must be conveyed and delivered.

Enjoy Great Results

Developing marketing directions and collateral for Southern Cross Care required an understanding of these and an appreciation of what the market wants and how to help an organisation position itself among competitors.

The works provided included strategy, a suite of related and centrally-managed websites and printed collateral.

If you make sure your marketing addresses the different and equally important factors that affect a potential client’s decision-making, and find ways of differentiating your facility from others, then you should do well.

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