Competitor Intelligence

By using different types of research, we get the breadth and depth we need to create meaningful information for you

In plain English, what is it that we want to find out from the market?

By structuring the research right, we avoid bias and we increase the quality of responses

We run the research like a marketing campaign... and then analyse the results and produce a report


We see three critical ingredients to ensure a new positioning or 'core offer' for your company is as strong as it can be...

Knowing what your market wants, knowing what your competitors are offering and knowing what your intrinsic strengths are.

Our Competitor Intelligence project provides the second of those three ingredients.  It helps give a valuable insight into your competitors' market positioning and marketing activity.

Here's what we do...

Step #1: Information Workshop

First we meet with you and, in plain English, decide what it is we need to know about your competitors.

Especially with competitor research, it's tempting sometimes to try to pursue too much.  It's easy to let research get out of control as you try to discover more and more about "the enemy".

This creates an expensive situation and the incremental gains you make will probably not be worth the extra funds they'll require.

Realistically, we find that knowing what they offer, how they differentiate themselves and how to categorise this information and use it intelligently provides all we need.

Step #2.  Behind the Scenes and Direct Engagement

We engage in two types of competitor research for you, 'secondary' and 'primary'.

Secondary research means we don't go direct to the primary source, your competitor.

Instead, we research them online behind the scenes, and learn about their activity through sources like their website, industry reviews, public meetings and other avenues.

Primary research means we engage your competitors directly.  We develop a scenario or two that allow us to interact with them, or people acting on our behalf, and we seek to learn how they treat a prospect and what their main marketing messages are during the prospect-to-client conversion process.

Step #3.  Get The Results and Analyse It

Armed with both secondary research and the primary material we got by directly engaging with your competitors, we can analyse the results for you.

We log the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, how they tend to relate with your market, and turn raw data into real intelligence we can use.

We produce a simple and easy to understand report that lists all the results but also highlights the critical ideas to take away.

To learn more about your own competitors, contact us today