Direct Marketing


This campaign for an investment property reached the targets set for the campaign.  We run a campaign from start to finish... we act like a plug-in marketing department, and the recipients of your campaign will beileve it was you who created and ran it.


Campaigns like these have helped introduce new products, new catalogues and competitive offers. Brochure_Buttons_Campaigns.jpg

A good marketing campaign consists of a clear brief, creative execution, good production management and evaluation of results.

Strategy and Action can create and manage a campaign from start to finish on your behalf.  You don't have to be undertaking a Complete Marketing Programme with us to use this service.

How We Manage Your Campaign

First, whenever we can, we implement your marketing campaign only after testing it first.

We try to test in two ways... we interview potential targets and ask them to review the campaign, and we test-market in small numbers.

When it's proven, we roll out a campaign properly.

Creating The Campaign Around a Proper Brief

Our written campaign brief explains what the objectives are, what the format of the promotion will be, and how the creative work must achieve the objectives (right down to character, positioning, word-style and colours).

When you sign off on the brief, we commence work on the creative. We design and write all that's required for the campaign.

We Manage All The Moving Parts

When the creative material is ready to go, we execute the campaign. We liaise with all production parties... printers, special suppliers (for instance CD printers), mail-houses and others.

We operate like a plug-in marketing department and take care of it all for you.

Did It Work?

Once the campaign has been run, we also evaluate it with you. Could it be improved? Has it achieved the marketing and sales objectives? Is it OK to repeat it as is, or must it be adapted?

In this way, your campaign is executed with as little disruption to your own schedules as possible, and the step-by-step manner in which we created the campaign ensures it'll be as effective as it can be.

If you would like to talk to us about a marketing campaign, contact us today.