Event Marketing and Tradeshows


We can't always promise an official opener by Kevin Rudd, but we'll try to make your event as successful as we can.  The Hon. Mr Rudd was gracious enough to participate in an event for client, Wampfler.

We can help you achieve all the different parts of the event and can find individual elements of expertise or supply as your event requires

Strategy and Action can help plan, organise and promote your next event, large or small.  And we can improve returns from your tradeshow efforts.

Event Marketing

Because there are so many variables involved in an event, you'll benefit greatly from our project-management experience, use of Gantt charts and the potent combination of detailed planning and quickness of action.

We can help you in the following...

Event Planning

We'll help you draw up a marketing brief for the event... it describes what  the strategic objectives are across three key factors... i) Messages (verbal, written and experiential), ii) Relationships and iii) Self Image. The brief helps us all keep on track as the marketing for your event unfolds.

We transfer the plan to a Gantt Chart. This is a project-management timeline that plots what happens when and what components are dependent on others. It's a key tool in making sure your event unfolds as closely as possible to expectations. Unexpected issues and delays always arise. But the Gantt at least allows us to immediately identify what is affected.

Event Production

We can organise third party suppliers as members of a production team... props, printers, caterers, mailhouses and more... and coordinate them to deliver to other dependents in our production team. We supply them with our brief, and a copy of the Gantt Chart.

Sponsorship and Partnership

Wev'e often promoted to third parties the benefits of being involved in our clients' events. This might mean access to common markets, subsidised suppliers or good corporate citizenship.

We will identify third parties who could benefit from your event and pursue sponsorship opportunities for you.

Tickets and Licensing

We can arrange the production and marketing of tickets and have reliable third parties who are experts in gaining quick turnaround of compliance issues like liquor licensing.


We've promoted events by mail, email, radio, TV, display, outdoor, electronic banners, publicity, through search instruments and more. Marketing is our primary strength, so we can promote your next event very well.

Tradshow Performance

Tradeshows are often under-utilised by companies... we can help you get more from the event - before, during and after

Drive traffic to your event, and see your event as just one element in an expensive campaign... tradeshows are not hard to profit from, but they're easy to waste

A lot of companies only really think of tradeshows as the event itself.  And they start thinking about it around 4 weeks before the event.  That's nowhere near enough time to get it right.

The most important advice we can give you is to see your tradeshow as the complex campaign it really is.

We Plan The Campaign

The planning for a good tradeshow starts 12 months before the event.  And at 6, 4,3,2 and 1 months before the event, different milestones need to be met.

Amazed?  Here's some of what needs to be looked at...

• What marketing should occur in the lead-up to the event, and what needs to be planned and created for that pre-event marketing?
• What's the budget?
• Does the space we have booked need a new stand design?
• Book accommodation if necessary
• What will be in the booth and does it need refreshing according to new products, services, branding etc?
• What dress will the staff wear?
• How will we capture the interest of prospects and convert them into enquirers
• How will we measure the results of the tradeshow?

...and a lot more.

Drive Traffic Well Before The Event

Your marketing for traffic into your booth starts well before the event.  We encourage clients to run pre-emptive campaigns to alert customers and prospects of the event and invite them along, invite them to special parties and sub- events, and to let them know what new products, services and staff might be there.

Emails, direct mail, invitations, press releases, advertising and of course updates to your website are some of the ideas you ought to consider.

Don't leave it too late to start this effort or the result will be poor. You prospects will alreay know of the event and be committed to other endeavours.

Run Your Event Like The Conversion Machine It Is

The tradeshow event itself is not just for educating prospects or passively creating awareness of your products or service.

It's about attracting and converting leads.

So we often encourage our clients to split the staff into attracting and converting roles, within the booth.  It can be hard to get used to at first but it generates good numbers and ensures the leads are captured.

Follow Up After the Event

There's a lot to do after a tradeshow.  Here's just 3 items that should be on your list... 

1. Send an email or letter to all leads, after splitting them into different grades in order to treat the hot leads more personally. 

2. Run articles in relevant magazines about the success of your event. 

3. Feature your event in your own newsletter and publish updates and pictures on your website.

To get your next event or tradeshow performing as well as it can, contact us today.