The Strategy and Action Marketing Audit

There are over 217 attributes in the Marketing Audit 

You'll get practical advice from the Marketing Audit... you can implement that advice right away and you could start enjoying results virtually immediately  


The Marketing Audit is a thorough process we've developed to identify in your business what your hidden assets and opportunities are, and how to get more out of them.

It helps create ideas for customer-getting, customer-keeping and customer-leveraging.

It's a valuable part of boosting your business and getting more revenue from the same assets and spends.

The marketing audit explores 6 aspects of your marketing...

  1. How you get more customers
  2. How you get more dollars per customer
  3. How you get more transactions per customer
  4. How you perform against 12 commmon marketing mistakes
  5. How well your website and online marketing is performing
  6. How good your visual branding is, and
  7. How well your sales people and sales systems work

Each of these areas is expanded and check-listed through interview and audit.

Overall there are 217 attributes weighed in the Marketing Audit.  The results are used to determine what opportunities there are for immediate gains.

What's more, they provide a guide on how that might be achieved.

A report lists all the main assets and opportunities we think you should leverage.

Then it lists ideas for how to go about working on them.

That advice is practical and directly personal to you.  It's not a generic report you get.  It's ideas that only relate to your business.

Help Supercharge Your Business In Just 3 Days

The Market Audit and Report, from start to finish, will take about 4 hours of your time on and off.  Then give us up to 3 days to create the report depending on our to-do list at the time.

In general, the better the access we have to you and to information you have at your fingertips or locked in your head, the better and faster the report.

Price: $2,200+gst

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