Marketing Plan

A marketing plan from Strategy and Action can include these elements...

Marketing Objectives
   Key Marketing Objectives

Market Intelligence Summary
   Market Behaviour
   What The Market Wants
   How The Market Ranks Attributes
   Key Findings

Competitor Intelligence Summary
   Competitors Definitions, Inclusions
   What Competitors Do Well / Poorly
   How Competitors Conduct Sales and Marketing
   Key Findings

Client Intelligence Summary
   Markets, operations and revenues
   Key Findings

USP Derivation, Key Messages
   USP, Secondary Messages

Key Strategies
   Key Strategy 1 etc

Marketing and Operational Dynamics
   Marketing Infrastructure Changes
   Operational Infrastructure Changes

Corporate Identity
   USP Permeation

Acquisition Strategies
   Static Conversion Assets and Activities
      First, etc
   Direct, Database and Social
Soclial: FB, LI
   SEM and SEO

Retention Strategies
   Contact Cycle

Legacies and Systems
   Roles and Responsiblities of Key Parties
   SOPs, Forms, PD's

Budgets and Measures
   Broad Budget Summary


The marketing plan we produce for you will be a practical document with all our ideas for strategy and actions detailed, costed and arranged along a timeline.

Here's an overview of what it contains...

Key Strategies

These are the big ideas and themes that achieve your prime objectives.  These key strategy points lie behind the customer-getting or customer-keeping activities we recommend.

Marketing and Operational Dynamics

These are important aspects of your business we believe need to be addressed in order to lay the foundations for growth.

For instance, it might mean hiring a certain type of employee, or buying a certain peice of software we think would be of great value to you and included in the marketing plan.

Acquisition and Retention Strategies

Acquisition means customer-getting and Retention means customer-keeping.

We don't just look at how to get new customers for you... we look at how to plug the leaks to stop them leaving and we look at how to leverage your customers to gain more value from them.

Each marketing strategy and each action is explained in the Marketing Plan, and then its components are costed as fully as possible. 

...This includes, for instance, the estimated design time, copywriting time, printing costs and mailing costs for sending out a brochure.  We try to nail down major costs you'll face in executing the plan.

Budgets and Timeline

The plan for when all these activities need to occur is spelled out in the Marketing Plan.

Each month of the year has its activities and spends laid out.

If you wish, we can also convert this into a Gantt Chart... this style of timeline includes relationships between the components, so that you can see how one activity might depend on another activity being finished.

Legacies and Systems

Finally, we identify the different systems that might need to be developed by us in order to ensure that you can secure your business growth for the long term.

These systems help you internalise the work we do when you're comfortable taking it over.

How Long Does All This Take?

It can take 2-4 weeks to arrive at a complete marketing plan.

Obviously, we're not writing your plan full-time for 4 weeks, but it can take time to assemble cost information from third parties like printers. If we're considering new ways for you to promote your product or service, we will also talk to you about how we see those activities being carried out and gauge your level of interest in them before we include them in the marketing plan.

We assure you the result at the end of the process is a plan that is practical and explicitly built for immediate use.  You will be able to take it away and implement it yourself, but most companies ask us to implement it for them.

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