Publicity and Media Coverage


We can create a complete schedule of media, messages and objectives for you, and minimise wasted time and expense by securing conditional approval from publishers and broadcasters.

We practise what we preach... we've used publicity, publication and press releases to our own advantage... and we recommend you use it too

Getting an article about you into a magazine that's read by your customers can be worth a lot more than an advertisement in the same magazine.

The article carries the implied endorsement of the publication whereas the ad needs to work harder to attract the attention of readers who might otherwise skip it, before it can sell your product or service.

Yet the ad costs twice as much... both need to be professionally created but an article doesn't need you to pay for advertising space.

We've made clients (and ourselves) good returns from well-thought, well-placed and well-written publicity.

Four Quick Examples

1. For an accounting software product, we created a series of articles in National Accountant that successfully positioned the creator of the software as an expert in the problems afflicting the profession due to increasing compliance work and less consulting work.  This position helped him sell more of his product.

2. For a law firm, we created a series of 'ask the expert' articles in Franchising.  They were able to demonstrate different aspects of their expertise and target an appealing market to their commercial advice.

3. For a packaging company, we created a case study example of how they made a company's premises safety-compliant and featured it in Safety News.

4. Perhaps the most important example is that we practise what we preach.  We've written articles, case studies, opinion pieces and seen clients come directly from those articles.

Different Media

Much of the work we do is in printed and online publishing, but it doesn't have to be. We've also helped clients gain a mention in lifestyle shows and current affairs.

We've also helped companies market internally, educating their employees and managing through information and inclusion.

Once we know where your desired audience is, we can show you how there isn't just one way to reach them, but many.

Methodical and Cost-Minimising

We can create a schedule of topics and media and then manage and execute that schedule. We can help you gain publicity in newspapers, magazines, television programmes, online news and more.

Where possible, we try to gain approval of a concept before embarking on a large writing project.  This avoids investing speculative time wasted in creating articles that don't get published.  Ultimately, that approach saves you money and gets more articles published.

To get more publicity for your business, contact us today.